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Sudden Acceleration

Download "Toyota: Sudden Acceleration Isn't a Myth"

What is Sudden Acceleration (aka Unwanted Acceleration or Unintended Acceleration)?

Unintended/Sudden Acceleration Isn't a Myth


This reference is excellent for the attorney representing a victim of sudden acceleration, the curious engineer, or the layman with interest in corporate negligence.  Whether you have never heard of sudden acceleration of consider yourself well-versed in the matter, this reference will provide you with the necessary information to successfully argue a case in court or begin to investigate sudden acceleration cases as an expert witness.  The reference includes information on sudden acceleration events due to binding or sticking throttle cables, electromagnetic interference, and poor vehicle electrical system design.  Although it primarily focuses on Ford, many documents describe other vehicles, and photos of both excellent and poor vehicle design are included.

The reference volume has been written and edited by Samuel Sero, P.E., who is an independent expert engineering witness with many sudden acceleration cases under his belt over the past 14 years.
This reference volume includes several hundred pages of documents, including:
            - Technical drawings of cruise control and other automotive components
            - Various meeting minutes from Ford Engineering teams discussing sudden acceleration.
            - Deposition excerpts from Ford expert witnesses.
            - Third- party reports on sudden acceleration
            - Patents of devices that would prevent sudden acceleration
            - Many documents explaining electromagnetic interference and its effects.
            - Explanation and application of Daubert hearings.

Each document’s significance is explained in a full chronology showing the timeline of design, consumer complaints, litigation, and cover-up. Click here to download the chronology in its most current revision.

Over the next several years, the volume will be updated with new information and articles as they are discovered.  Updates will be reasonably priced according to the amount of information contained within them.  Eventually, it is our intent to make this reference volume the most complete and informative document concerning sudden acceleration ever produced.  A diverse sampling of documents relating to Sudden Acceleration is available on our Sample Documents page.