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Sample Documents

Here you will find sample documents written by Renaissance Engineering pertaining to some of the issues at the forefront of Forensic Examination that we have been working on recently.  Please click to download and view.

NEW! Toyota - Sudden Acceleration Isn't a Myth

NEW! What is Sudden Acceleration?

NEW! Sudden/Unintended Acceleration Isn't a Myth

NEW! Sudden Acceleration Caused by EMI Versus Daubert and other Expert.pdf

This document deals with electrocution by power lines.

Electrical Contact.doc

This document discusses the Ford Cruise Control Deactivation Switch recalls and resultant fires.

Ford Pressure Switch.doc

This sample document is an overview of Sudden Acceleration and Electromagnetic Interference.

Sudden Acceleration.doc

This document is NHTSA’s denial of a petition by attorney Sandy McMath to re-open NHTSA’s sudden acceleration investigation.  The document is available online HERE.

This document is Sam Sero’s evaluation of and rebuttal to the denial of Attorney McMath’s petition

This document is an evaluation of the 1989 NHTSA Sudden Acceleration Study.

Click here to download the Renaissance Engineering Sudden Acceleration Timeline.

Renaissance Engineering has the ability to produce animations that show the progression of fire damage or locations of components before and after damage to the vehicle.  We use a process known as camera reverse projection in which the exact vantage point of the subject is reproduced very closely; in order to accomplish this the camera lens needs to be oriented and positioned in the same point in space relative to the subject in both photographs.  This sample animation shows how closely matched we can make the two photos, and how we can fade from one into the other.  In order to properly view this animation, please download it and open it with either QuickTime or Windows Media Player and it can be paused at any time to highlight specific components.  We can also produce these animations in Shockwave Flash.  Please contact us for more information, as this process can be tailored to many different items and cases.