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The Forensic Facts NewsletterForensic Facts newsletter


If you would like to sponsor a future article you may choose the subject of your choice within the spectrum of the list below and your name will appear in the issue.  If you would like to submit an article, please send it to the e-mail address below.  The newsletter is FREE in electronic format and will be quarterly; to subscribe please send an e-mail to

Forensic Facts is a newsletter published by Renaissance Engineering dedicated to publishing authoritative articles dealing with all aspects of Forensic Investigation. Descriptive and tutorial articles, research based articles, case studies, and open dialog and forums on all issues involved in the Forensic Investigation fields. The publication is geared to those intimately involved in the application of and/or need for forensic services including engineers, scientists, investigators, attorneys and insurance investigative units. The range of articles will include:

    •    Slip, trip and fall with evaluation of floor materials, types of cleaning and treatment, surface materials of all kinds, shoe material, and actual incident testing methods.
    •    Electricity, from fundamentals to case studies and codes involving residential, commercial, industrial, power, and communications companies
    •    Product investigation, electrical, mechanical, and metallurgical investigation.
    •    Automotive investigations, sudden/unwanted acceleration, fires, failures of components, seat belts, air bags, ABS systems, and others.
    •    Fire causation articles based upon actual cases and findings.
    •     Industrial and Mining Accidents.
    •     Other Case studies from real world cases that Renaissance Engineering has investigated.