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Headline Cases

Headline Cases are those which resulted in significat and sometimes mutimillion dollar awards or settlements.  Listed are some of these cases and their locations from well over a thousand investigations conducted over 15 years.  Renaissace Engineering has consulted in cases across the Continental United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Electrical Shock and Electrocution cases:
FL — Worker killed in electrical substation when he contacted a painted energized bus bar.
PA — Electrical shock from crane contact with overhead wire.
NY — Aquarium serviceman electrocuted from broken heater.
NY — Electrocution of cable TV worker when power line fell.
PA — Boom truck contact of overhead power line.
CA — Avocado picker contacts overhead line — $21 million award
CA — Fiber optic installer contacts overhead power line — $29 million award
AL — Man electrocuted y battery charger.
PA — Electric water heater shock case.
CT — Ladder contact of overhead line.
NY — Worker severly burned by flashover of 480 volt switchgear.
NY — Power company employe severly burned and shocked by failed insulator.

Fire Cases:
PA — Failure of gas pilot tube on water heater causes fire and serious injury to mother and three children.
PA — Boiler explosion due to run away gas valve kills one fireman and injures two other.
PA — Halogen lamp fires.
PA — Coffee maker fires.

Sudden Accerleration and failure to decelerate cases:
TN — Sudden acceleration of Lincoln Town Car.
NY — Sudden acceleration of Ford Aerostar.
FL — Sudden acceleration of Jeep.
NY — Failure to decelerate of a Ford Mustang due to a stuck throttle.
MO — Sudden acceleration of an Oldsmobile.
FL — Sudden acceleration of a Ford Bronco.
VA — Failure to decelerate of a Lincoln Town Car due to a stuck throttle.
AZ — Sudden acceleration of a Jeep.
WV — Sudden acceleration of a Nissan.
NJ — Vehicle rollover as a result of sticking throttle in a Ford Explorer — $10 million award
TX — Sudden acceleration of a Lexus with drive by wire system.

Industrial Accident Cases:
NJ — Water cannon malfunction leading to one death and to serious injuries.
NY — Plastic forming machine malfunctiones and sprayed worker.
PA — Worker sprayed with molten metal due to deisgn malfunction in automatic cutting torch.
PA — Vaccon pressurized hose recoil causes death.
OH — Scissor lift malfunction.

Other Incidents:
PA — 3 Firemen severly injured by the explosion of a firehouse boiler — $11.8 million award
PA — Shock from malfunctioning neurostimulator implant.
MD — Elevator drops into pit causes serious ack injury to occupant.
FL — Jeep brake rotor failure causes rollover and death.
PA — Portable incubator overturns in ambulance during impact accident (see Case Studies) multimillion dollar award.
PA — Wrongful shooting ballistic exam of vehicle.

The foregoing case examples are representative of the types of investigations we have done which have resulted in favorable outcomes.