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Who is Renaissance Engineering?

Renaissance Engineering is a full scope forensic investigation, engineering, consulting, design, research, evaluation and testing group headed by highly experienced engineer Samuel Sero P.E. Click here for Sam’s curriculum vitae.  We have worked for many prominent law firms and insurance companies throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. We offer complete evidence pick-up and secure storage capabilities. We also offer on-site evaluation when relocation of evidence is not possible. Through in-house and outsourcing capabilities we can handle any product liability case or insurance claim evaluation; plaintiff or defendant. We also have years of experience handling the challenges associated with Daubert and Frye hearings. Renaissance Engineering’s approach to your problem is to develop the ultimate answer.

Who are we?

We are an association of engineers, scientists, and professionals with over a hundred years of combined educational and hands-on experience. Our expertise stretches from skilled craftsmen in the construction and automotive trades to highly experienced engineers and scientists. We will bring the right individual or combination of individuals to every task.  We have enough experience and contacts within many industries and specialties to handle nearly anything our clients may need.

One of our innovative solutions is a machine that cycles a braking system repeatedly and counts the cycles.

On the left is a complete and functional recreation of an automotive cruise control system, which when connected to a 12 volt battery and vacuum supply functions exactly the same as the system it is replicating.  On the right is an example of our X-ray analysis capabilities.

We have built extremely detailed models of accident scenes for demonstrative purposes.  The top exhibit is an intersection that was built for an electrical contact case, all power lines, poles, transformers, stoplights, and dimensions are correct to scale.  The bottom exhibit was for a sudden acceleration case.

Our Capabilities by Category:

Electrical and electronic: All aspects of Investigation including Electrocution, Control Systems, Industrial, Commercial and Residential systems, Products, Power Lines, Communication Lines, Lightning and any Electrical or Electronic device or system.

Mechanical: Evaluation of any Mechanical Device or System including HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Suppression, Industrial Equipment, Commercial Equipment, Elevators, Escalators, Conveyors, Ladders, etc.

Vehicles: All aspects including Sudden Acceleration, Seat Belts, ABS, Mechanical Failures, Airbags, and Vehicle Structure; with full ability to Evaluate and Verify Causation, Reconstruct Accidents, and Evaluate Human Factors.

Safety: All aspects including Evaluation of Design, Guarding, Warning, Procedure, Operation and Misoperation.

Metallurgy: Material Failure, SEM Examination, Non-Destructive Testing, and X-ray analysis.

Exhibit Fabrication: Actual Accident Scenario Simulation and Testing; Design, Development and Construction of Exhibits and Demonstrative Models of even the most Complex Systems and Pieces of Equipment

Research Resources: An extensive in-house Library, Intimate Knowledge of Numerous Internet Data Access Sites, and Access to Major University and Public Library/Federal Repository Sources Enables Effective Research of any Topic.