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Welcome to ForensicFacts.com, the home of Renaissance Engineering.

    FORENSIC FACTS is the web site of Renaissance Engineering of Pittsburgh, PA, owned and operated by Samuel J. Sero PE for 30 years.

Renaissance Engineering has provided expert services and testimony on the following subjects, among others:

Sudden Acceleration, Unwanted Acceleration, Unintended Acceleration (Ford, Toyota, Jeep etc.)


Electrical Contact Cases --- persons, objects, cranes

Fire Origin and Cause --- structural and vehicle, electrical, mechanical, lightning, arson

Industrial Accidents --- towmotors, scissor lifts, brakes, shears, plastic forming machines, and many others

Products --- fire, injury and electric shock from consumer products

Vehicle Malfunctions --- airbags, seat belts, ATC, cruise control, brake systems, ABS, drive systems, and others

Elevators and Escalators

Power Lines --- contact, flashover, line failures, structure placement

Exhibits, Demonstrations and Prototypes